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How does this site work? What does it do? is a fully automated website designed to connect buyers and sellers of ATM routes directly. Owners of ATM routes can list their route for sale on the site for interested buyers to view. Buyers can contact sellers of ATM routes to discuss a purchase of their listing.

Are these your listings?

No. Listings are posted and represented entirely by the selling member. does not own any of the routes listed on the website. All discussions on buying an ATM route are conducted between the owner of the route and interested members.

Will you buy my ATM route? Do you buy ATM routes?

No. We are not buyers or brokers. We designed the site to allow buyers and sellers to contact and negotiate with each other directly, taking us out of the middle. You negotiate your own deal.

Are these all the listings you have?

Yes. Remember, ALL listings on the site are for sale by owner; they are not our listings. We are only aware of those listings that members have posted.

How much do you make in commission?

Zero. We take zero commission on sales or purchases.

How do you make money? generates its revenue through the sale of Tokens which are redeemed for the contact information of selling members. Additionally, receives payments from members who subscribe to automated email alerts for new listings.

Can I receive email alerts to notify me about new listings?

Yes. Go to your My Account page. There you will a find an option to subscribe to automatic email alerts.

Do you assist buyers and sellers in negotiating their transactions? Do you act as a broker?

No. does not consult, advise, or act as a broker. We do not represent any of the listings posted on the site. Transactions are not hosted on the website and does not take any part in establishing the terms, structure, or details of a transaction.

Can you recommend an attorney who handles ATM route purchases/sales?

Yes. If you have any legal needs regarding ATM route purchases or sales feel free to send a message requesting a referral through the Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For Sellers

How much does it cost to sell my ATM route here?

Nothing. It is free to post and sell your ATM route. We take no commissions on sales.

Do I have to sign any agreements to sell my ATM route on your website?

No. is not a buyer or broker, and you are not required to sign ANY agreements with us to buy or sell through the site.

Who will be able to view my ATM opportunity? What information will they be allowed to see?

Only registered users will be able to view the full details of your ATM route listing. Members will be able to see all of the general information you provided upon posting your listing. Your contact information will not be disclosed unless a user has purchased a Token and redeemed it on your listing.

How long will it take to sell my ATM route?

The time it takes to close a transaction is usually a function of the following: the responsiveness of the buyer, the current ATM market, and the quality of the ATM opportunity. All three have significant effects on the time it takes between the listing of the opportunity and the closing of the transaction. Ultimately, it's up to the buyer and yourself to make the deal happen.

Can I sell my ATM ISO, and not just my ATM route?

Yes. Be sure though to explain in the Comments box when you're listing your ATM route that it is in fact an ISO and not just a route.

For Buyers

Are these all the listings you have?

Yes. Remember, ALL listings on the site are for sale by owner (FSBO); they are not our listings. We are only aware of those listings that members have posted.

I'm looking for an ATM route in a specific city and state. Can you find me one?

No. does not seek out ATM routes on behalf of members. We are only aware of those listings that members have posted. Our listings page has the ability to sort by state so feel free to browse through the available listings to see if there are any that match your needs.

How much are ATM routes? How are they valued?

ATM routes are valued as a multiple of the net monthly revenue. Typically ATM routes trade between 18 to 36 times their net monthly revenue. All ATM routes are unique and come with their own risks and benefits that will help determine the price.

What is a Token?

Tokens are the currency used on our website that are redeemed in exchange for a seller's contact information.

How do I use Tokens?

Tokens are redeemed by clicking Contact Seller on a listing details page. Once you click contact seller you will be directed to a prompt that confirms you are interested in redeeming one Token for a seller's contact information.

What do I do once I receive a seller's contact information?

Once you have received a seller's contact information you are free to contact them directly either via email or phone. From there you both can negotiate a transaction on your own terms.

I contacted a seller and they haven't responded yet. How long should I wait?

We generally recommend waiting 10 business days after the initial contact. If the seller has not gotten back to you after 10 days then go to our Contact Us page and let us know.

Why is my contact information sent to the seller when I redeem a Token?

Sellers receive contact information from interested buyers so that they have advanced notice of who is contacting them. This also alerts sellers to the level of interest in their listing and allows them to be more proactive in discussing the listing with interested members.

What happens if seller's contact information does not work (wrong number, bad email)?

If you redeem a token to contact the owner of a listing to find that the information is not working or the listing is no longer for sale or has been sold, please go to our Contact Us page. Submit a contact form outlining your issue complete with the listing number and other details. Out consulting team will review your problem and get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

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