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Once you have registered as a member of and are logged in, you can list an ATM route for sale by following the 2 simple steps below:


Click on the LISTINGS tab at the top of the page and select SUBMIT NEW LISTING from the dropdown.


You will be directed to the Submit New Listing page where you will enter required information about the ATM route you are listing for sale. Once you have completed entering your information, click SUBMIT.

You will next receive a confirmation email alerting you that your listing has been approved by our support team and listed on the site for all members to view. If a member is interested in contacting you about your listing, you will receive an email notification with the name of the interested member and their contact information. From there, you and the interested member can discuss the listing and conduct a transaction on your own terms.

For assistance, feel free to visit our FAQs page where the "Selling Questions" section may help you through problems contacting sellers.

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